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Car Servicing at Mototech garage Portsmouth. Mototech is located on Warren Avenue in Milton, just off of the Eastern Road.
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Car Air Conditioning Servicing Portsmouth

At Mototech Portsmouth we service and maintain all types and makes of vehicle air conditioning systems.

Most modern cars come fitted with an air conditioning system providing several benefits:

  • Cooling the vehicle air during hot summer weather making driving more comfortable.
  • Removing pollen and pollutants from the air, especially useful for allergy sufferers.
  • Faster de-misting of windscreens during winter months by removing humidity from the air.
  • Removing odours from the vehicle interior.

Regular servicing of your air conditioning unit is vital to ensure that the system is operating efficiently and in the prevention of annoying breakdowns.

A vehicle air conditioning system operates under a constant pressure, hoses, seals and other components become worn over time and this can allow refrigerant to be released and leak from the system, which will result in a less efficient cooling system and ultimately failure of the air con system.

It is estimated that a vehicle air conditioning unit can lose approximately 15% of it's coolant each year, causing a notice deterioration in the effectiveness of the system over time.

The air conditioning unit on your car has to operate in the harsh conditions of a moving vehicle and is subjected to vibration, extremes of temperature, wet and dry conditions and mechanical shock, so regular servicing is the best way to maintain it in good working order.

Mototech Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

At Mototech we service, repair and troubleshoot all makes and models of air conditioning system, to make sure your unit is running efficiently and is ready to use whenever you need it.

Our air conditioning services include:

  • System recharges - replacing the lost refrigerant in your system.
  • Regular servicing.
  • Fault finding and repairs.
  • Decontamination to remove unpleasant odours caused by bacteria build up.

So if you have an air conditioning problem or need your air con serviced give Mototech in Milton, Portsmouth a call on 02392 874784 and we will book your vehicle in at a time to suit you.
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